Available Sizes

The Sticky Cleaner comes with a card that can be fully adapted to your personal wishes.

The Sticky Cleaner is availible in the following standard sizes:

For Mobile Phones

  • round 30 mm,
  • square 28 x 28 mm
  • rectangular 30 x 40 mm

For PDA, Tablet, Laptop or Television:

  • rectangular 90 x 63 mm.

For both categories size, shape and print can be fully adapted to your personal wishes.

Available shapes for the Sticky Cleaner:

sticky-cleaner-vierkant-wit sticky-cleaner-rond-wit sticky-cleaner-rechthoek-wit sticky-cleaner-aangepast-wit

28 x 28 mm

33 mm

30 x 40 mm




The shape of the card on which the Sticky Cleaner is shipped:

sticky-cleaner-kaartje-wit Custom sizes are available on demand
(with square corners in stead of round ones)
up until 100 x 100 mm.  

85 x 55 mm